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Dallas Everest Lions Club (DELC) is a group of young active lions who like to serve their community both locally and overseas. Now we that we have accepted the motto of “WE SERVE”, the world is open to us. Lionism allows us to serve with a high sprit to all of mankind in every corner of the world.

DELC was formed in March 2003 and chartered on April 8, 2003. Irving Evening Lions Club which has became the sponsor club of DELC – the first Lions Club in USA formed by Nepalese Community with 25 promising members – 23 Nepalese and 2 Americans who fully understand the essence of Lionism.

Today, DELC has 103 plus active members, which has now become a platform to network between the Nepalese origins and the members from native community.

Apart from this, DELC is to promote preservation of Nepalese culture in the Americas, to foster cordial relations among Nepalese and American. You will no doubt be able to find a Club which fits your lifestyle.

As a member you have opportunities to participate to a level that your work, family and other commitments allow. You can choose the activities with which you wish to be involved. You will have every opportunity to develop your leadership and organisational abilities. If you choose you may take on offices that lead through to presidency of your Club and beyond to district and international level of involvement.

Above all, you will enjoy working with other members on even the simplest of projects and get satisfaction from knowing that you are helping your community at the same time.