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February 2023 – General Meeting

Dallas Everest Lion Club conducted its General Meeting last Friday, 23rd of February 2023 at 7 PM via Zoom. The meeting was chaired by the club President Lion Dr. Vishnu Maya Upadhyay.

The following Lion Members were presented during the meeting:

  1. Lion President Dr. Vishnu Maya Upadhyay
  2. Lion 1ST VP Surya Bhandari
  3. Lion IPP Kedar Timalsina
  4. Lion Basanta Panta
  5. Lion Rudra Khatiwada
  6. Lion Yashodha Adhikari
  7. Lion Alvester Gibson JR
  8. Lion Rudy Upadhyay
  9. Lion Dr. Tracy Dorsey
  10. Lion Sobha Das
  11. Lion Jaisy Sonn
  12. Lion Nicolina
  13. iPhone

The meeting was called by President Dr. Vishnu Maya Upadhyay, Pledge of Allegiance by Lion Surya Nath Bhandari, and Invocation by Lion Rudra Khatiwada.

The meeting covered the agendas below:

  • “An Evening in Nepal” on 5/6/2023
  • “An Evening in Nepal” ticket distribution
  • Women’s Health Fair/Kidney Walk on 3/11/2023
  • Membership renewal ($125)
  • Meet and greet on 2/26/2023 at 5 PM
  • Proclamation at State Capitol in Austin on 3/8/2023

Meeting Activities:

  • Lion President Dr. Vishnu Maya Upadhyay gave updates of DELC’s past activities and upcoming signature event “An Evening in Nepal”; IPP Lion Kedar Timalsina, 1st Vice President Surya Bhandari, Lion Yashodha Adhikari also spoke about “An Evening in Nepal” and gave their suggestions to make the event a grand success.
  • Lion President Dr. Vishnu Maya Upadhyay gave an update about the Women’s Health Fair/Kidney Walk, which is scheduled for 3/11/2023. She requested to all get benefits from the Women’s Health Fair and participate in the kidney walk.
  • Treasurer Lion Rudra Khatiwada gave a financial update and also requested the members to pay the membership due on time (those who haven’t paid yet).
  • February meet-and-greet will be on 2/26/2023 at 5 PM at our past President Shashi Bhattarai’s residence. Mr. Shashi Bhattarai and his partner in service have invited everyone to join the meeting. We will share his residence address later.
  • President Lion Vishnu Maya Upadhyay announced that the Texas State of Representative has decided to honor Dallas Everest Lions Club for its outstanding community service, and they will call DELC on March 8, 2023 at 8 AM in State Capitol Austin. President Lion Vishnu Maya Upadhyay requests we all be there as far as possible to celebrate the proud movement. We can be there with our Leos and they will guide and tour the State Capitol in Austin.

Next meeting:

  • EC team meeting: 3/10/2023 at 7 PM Zoom
  • General Meeting on 3/16/2023 at 7 PM via Zoom

The meeting started at 7 PM and lasted for an hour with the president’s remarks.


Thank you.

Prepared by:
Basanta Panta
Secretary (DELC)